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3K or UD fork whit v-brakes?
I'm thinking to change my actually fork for a corrected rigid fork (CC-F0N65-29)and I have doubts about the material (flexion) working with v-brakes.
What material is more suitable for mounting v-brakes, 3K, UD or both?.
Thanks in advance,

by pedronavarro     Tue Apr 30, 2019

The 3K or UD refers to the finish of the fork, so the final layer. Both forks are perfectly suitable for the use with V-brakes.

Hope that helps.

CarbonCycles Team

by mikethebike     Wed May 01, 2019

Thanks Michael

by pedronavarro     Thu May 02, 2019

Another question about the rigid fork CC-F0N65-29...

What is the outside diameter of the crown (black part)?

by pedronavarro     Mon May 27, 2019

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