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does the carbon NEED to be protected?

The clear coat on the carbon bits of my bike is starting to crack and come off in patches. I should get a new bike because I really deserve it. In the meantime should I do something to the bad clear coat? Like scrape it all off and re-coat it? If so with what do I coat it? Is it just a cosmetic problem or does the carbon NEED to be protected?

wondering what to do???

Please help.

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Thank you.

by spadekevin     Tue Aug 07, 2018

The clear coat on carbon frames is there for cosmetic reasons. But at the same time, they protect the carbon structure. We would rather not give you advice on what to do via our forum and can only suggest seeking advice from a carbon repair shop to make sure that the integral structure is not affected.


CarbonCycles Team

by Mikethebike     Thu Aug 16, 2018

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