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Need dimensions of CC-F0P45
I'm looking for dimensions on the CC-F0P45, this is the 44.5 cm axle to crown-race mountain bike fork with monocoque construction.

What is the distance between the axle and the bottom of the crown? Put differently, what is the vertical clearance between the fork and the surface of a normal 26" tire?

Since 26" wheels can mount different tires, this can make the outer diameter larger than 26" for really big tires. I want to know what the limit is, hence the question on clearance for a normal 26" tire.

I'm also wondering what is the widest 26" tire that this fork can fit?

by joshua23842384     Thu Mar 11, 2021


Please check your email in reply to your questions.

Thanks & regards

by support     Fri Mar 12, 2021

I've gotten two different responses via email that conflict with each other. The first was to a question about what the vertical clearance would be between a standard 26er tire and the fork:

"The wheel clearance would be 420mm, ie Length from axle to underside of cross brace = 445mm - 25mm (cross brace usually 25mm deep)"

This implies that there is 25 mm of fork between the crown race and the bottom of the crown. I wonder if this is actually refereeing to the non-monocoque version, since it looks like the monocoque fork will have more than 25 mm of material there.

The other answer that I received does not make sense:

"The best I can tell you is that it is around 46cm"

The fork is 44.5 cm from axle to the crown race, so I'm not sure where the 46 cm number would come from. Maybe this is from the crown race to the lowest part on the fork, below the axle?

If anyone has a 26er wheel and tire mounted to the CC-F0P45 fork, I'm interested in the vertical clearance between the tire and the fork, and the exact diameter of your tire (since a 26er tire can actually be larger than 26 inches in diameter depending on what tire you have).

I'm trying to run a very large tire on a 26er rim, and I want to know the clearance to make sure this will fit, and how much room I'll have left over for fenders.

by joshua23842384     Fri Mar 12, 2021

Hi There,

We've now measured one for you. There's 80mm between the bottom of the crown and the top of a 26in tire. The diameter of this particular tire/rim combo is 670mm.

The reply you got by email was for another question and got mixed up. Sorry for any confusion.

Best Regards

by support     Sun Mar 14, 2021

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