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CC-F0M65 corrected geometry?
Hi, i'm looking at CC-F0M65 and it lists the corrected geometry as: 0mm, 80mm, 100mm

why are there different numbers?

Looking to replace a 29er 100mm travel (fox 32 float 29)


by jcs_2021     Wed Jul 28, 2021

Based on the length of the fork (46.5cm) it would work perfectly fine replacing your current 29er fork. Due to the fact that I might be ever so slightly shorter (very much depends on the set-up of your suspension fork i.e. amount of sag) than your suspension fork, it will make your steering angle slightly steeper. The three different numbers underline that the 46.5cm length would be fine for all three travel lengths you are replacing, but would have a slight impact on the steering behaviour.

You might find this article informative on the subject:;&m=0&

We hope that helps.

CarbonCycles Team

by Mikethebike     Wed Jul 28, 2021

Got it, thanks - it will be shorter, but that's probably fine given my intended use.

by jcs_2021     Wed Jul 28, 2021


by Mikethebike     Wed Jul 28, 2021

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