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120mm adjustment with QR15
I have a 120mm QR15 through axel fork on my bike currently.

eXotic Carbon Rigid MTB Fork - QR15 Axle is what I am looking for, the suspension!/geo adjustment is only up to 100mm on the 49cm version where as on the alu 49cm (normal qr I'm guessing?) version it is up to 130mm.

The bike is a Voodoo Bizango 2019

by JimBob81     Tue Aug 16, 2022

Thanks for your message. We will double-check that and get back to you as soon as we have feedback from the product team.


DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles Team

by Mikethebike     Tue Aug 16, 2022

Thanks Mike

by JimBob81     Tue Aug 16, 2022

Just to add the fork is a Suntour Raidon 32 LOR-DS, 1 1/8" steerer and the bike spec and geo can be found here...

by JimBob81     Tue Aug 16, 2022

We had feedback from the team. It is a mistake on the fork details, so thanks for pointing that out.

The 49cm long fork all have the 29er geo correction of 100 - 130mm.

We will update that on our website later on.

Thanks again for pointing this out, and we hope it helps.


by Mikethebike     Wed Aug 17, 2022

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